Welcome to the web site of GRUPO GARCOSA

This company was founded in 1995. Dedicated from its inception to the industry metal sector, specializing in ironworks for telecommunications, energy and rail and road infrastructure.

Our journey over the years in the industry supports us as a company dedicated to our customers, giving great service, quality and price, with technical advice from our products and services.

The existence of this company would not be without the team that over the years we have achieved, daily improvement. Dedication, fellowship training and give us a noteworthy result, our customers appreciate.

Most of the products we offer to our customers, take the usual process of design, machining, welding and subsequently applied to the hot dip galvanizing process, obtaining product durability to finally proceed to a corresponding mounting location.

GRUPO GARCOSA - Exterior factory view

Products and services we provide to our customers

These are some of the products and services we offer to our customers:

  • - Manufacture and installation of telecommunications structures and fittings.
  • - Manufacture and assembly of structures and fittings for electrical substations.
  • - Fittings for photovoltaic.
  • - Equipment and industrial maintenance.
  • - Manufacture and installation of all types of enclosures.
  • - Steel structures intended for industry or housing.
  • - Access stairs and platforms for industrial security.
  • - Modern design stairs for residential use.
  • - Barriers and enclosures for bullfights.

We also offer the hot-dip galvanizing of our products along with its robustness, to ensure durability thereof.


Electrical Substation